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Cross roads…


Have you ever found your self at a cross roads wondering, how on earth could you decide which route to take? Or making a life changing decision wondering if you made the right one? How would you know if you did? I guess only timewill tell but as long as you keep moving there are no wrong decisions only wrong directions! So the next time you find yourself at a cross roads it may help looking down the road to the future and seeing what direction each will lead you to and choosing the best for your life!



How do you handle rejection?


Have you ever felt rejected? How do you respond? For me I have always allowed the feeling of rejection to take control of my emotions.  Sometimes we respond to others in a hurt manner or reflect the feeling on to the next person. How do you go about not letting the emotions control your actions? My new philosophy is if someone or something rejects me there will always be 10 more who accept me! So continue living for your purpose because rejection is a part of life and no matter how old you are it will always have an affect on us. How we respond to it is what defines us!