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Cross roads…


Have you ever found your self at a cross roads wondering, how on earth could you decide which route to take? Or making a life changing decision wondering if you made the right one? How would you know if you did? I guess only timewill tell but as long as you keep moving there are no wrong decisions only wrong directions! So the next time you find yourself at a cross roads it may help looking down the road to the future and seeing what direction each will lead you to and choosing the best for your life!



How do you live in love?


So many times we walk amongst other people, do you take time to love them? What would it look like if you did? For me it looks like loving each person where ever they are in their walk in life. I have found myself so many times around people that have been forgotten by love. Weather their family has given up on them or they never had one to begin with, to the people who were hurt by it. When those people cross my path I feel in those moments it is my duty to love them just how Jesus has loved me. Next time you find yourself around some one no matter how they act, love them anyway, even a simple smile can show them love, you never know what that love could do for them or you!