Are you rebellious?


Have you ever hit the snooze button instead of waking up? Why is it we would rather sleep in than be obedient to the day? When the alarm rings it’s time to start a new day! A new day of possibilities, new adventures or encounters, why would we want to prolong the day! These are questions I have recently began to ask myself. Do we like dream land better or are we just being lazy and wanting to sleep more? This is a tough one for me,  on one hand a new day is exciting but on the other dream land is just as interesting and some days it’s just easier to stay asleep than face the day. How can we stay motivated to not rebel against the alarm? I think for me it’s the adventure of where the day will take me, the moments I’ll get to share with a special someone, it’s a surprise you just don’t know where you will find the romantic moments in the day. A Romantic moment is a moment in your day that simply takes your breath away, we should be hunting for these moments and appreciating them with everything we are! How do you know you just had a romantic moment, well that’s between you and your maker and what’s important to you and how it makes you feel!



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