How do you stay encouraged after disappointment?


How many times in your life have you been left feeling disappointed in a person or situation? It seems we place a high expectation on the things that affect our lives. So how do we live a life without expectation? Is it even possible to not have expectations? I know one thing for sure I would rather not get to the end of my life and wonder what would have happened had I spoke up or taken a different turn. Disappointment is a risk we all take when we put ourselves out there, weather telling that special someone how we feel or going after that job that is out of reach. I feel if you don’t risk it all the opportunity may pass you by and you can be left in a place of wondering, what if? So next time the job becomes open or the person you are crushing on becomes available take the risk put yourself out there, you may be left hanging alone but who knows you may have opened a whole new door you never thought would open for you. Don’t be scared of disappointment, it’s a part of life and will happen regardless, it’s better than wondering what could have been.



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