The child within…


How do you face the child within? How old is your inner child and how do you get them to grow up? I think the first step is realizing that we all have that inner child within us and once you do that the beginning of the journey can begin. Does that mean we have to grow up twice? I have come to find out our inner child really seems to come out in the way we respond to people and situations. Next time you find yourself in the middle of conflict catch your response, does it remind you of a child….mine, mine, mine…. or do you respond in a mature manner? What does maturity mean? So many angles when it comes to our emotional beings within but if you can understand where you are or what maturity level you left off at when you were young you may be able to get your inner child to grow up to age of your outer being. Now please do not confuse your inner child with your childlike faith this is something God asks us to never lose we’re talking about the response we give when things don’t go our way. So next time you find your self getting a little pouty or your feelings get hurt, ask yourself is it because of the age my emotional inner child stayed at?



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