The Sacrifice…


Do you ever think of the sacrifice that was made to get you to where you are today? That has been the biggest thing that has been on my heart, the sacrifice that was made by my mother to get me to the point where I’m at today. She sacrificed her freedom, her life and family. What kind of person gives up everything they are and want to be for someone else who might not appreciate it. How do you know the sacrifices you make today will be appreciated later? Do you still make them anyway? I guess one can never know how what you do today will affect those around you tomorrow, all we can do is pray the seeds we plant take root. How do you plant the good seeds? You do it by living as an example, to the best of your ability. My mother was far from perfect but she did one thing right, she Loved her children with everything she had to point of letting us make our own mistakes or letting go when she wanted us to so desperately stay. I want to thank all the women who took the time to plant the good seeds in my life. Those seeds took root, some deeper that others but all were very impactful. Never underestimate where good seeds come from. My mother did the best she could and the rest was filled in by many woman (mainly my step in moms, my aunts) to propel me to heights I have yet to reach. So if you are a mother or just a step in, investing in someone else’s life be encouraged it may take time but those seeds will bloom.



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