How do we live in Purpose?


Have you ever felt you were meant to do more than what you are currently doing? So have I, but what do you do once you know there is more you should be doing?  How do you live in the purpose you feel you should be in or how do you know what that purpose really is? These are all questions I have asked myself and only going through a process of finding out what that purpose is will you truly find out. I started this process many years ago and let me tell you it was not easy. It started with how I saw myself, for the longest time I did not think very highly of myself and my conduct showed it. Once I got to a point where I just knew I couldn’t keep going on the path I was on and something had to change, God could truly begin His work in my life. I then moved to the next Phase of the Process, leaning to deal with the pain I had been through (that pain is for another time). Once I dealt with the pain then came the healing of my heart. What comes after healing, a breaking down of everything you are and everything you are used, it must all be stripped away. Do not worry my friends the hard part is over after the break down, because then comes the rebuild and this my friends is where transformation happens! No one ever said the process was going to be easy and I can assure you after spending more than 10 years in the process and only recently coming out of it, it is hard. I guarantee once you get to the other side of the process you will look back at the journey and be able to encourage so many others who still have to go through their process. The most encouraging words I received during my process was to enjoy it because it only happens once. Do not lose faith in the middle of your process instead press in and keep moving forward one day you will be out of the process and living in your purpose!



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